My sexy blondie can be your catch for this night if you dare to talk with her in the club

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  1. Tony

    02. Apr, 2011

    Why is such a big deal talking to her?
    I would for sure! :)
    What’s her name?

  2. Mike

    03. Apr, 2011

    I think you’re hot.

  3. sum4me

    03. Apr, 2011

    omg i’d love to look like her !

  4. sam

    03. Apr, 2011

    your a gourges women that i would most defenantly talk to and ask out on a date your a bomb shell

  5. edward

    08. Apr, 2011

    what a knock out just let me know where you are and i will give you a night you wont for get

  6. edward

    08. Apr, 2011

    try again just one day with this goddess and she will ask for more and i will give it to her e-mail back

  7. glenn

    15. Apr, 2011

    what is her name?

  8. alex

    19. Apr, 2011

    you would leave your husband if i fuck your wife

  9. George

    24. Apr, 2011

    I would do her anytime

  10. George

    24. Apr, 2011

    can i have her mail ?

  11. gerda

    12. May, 2011

    i would love to lick her pussy

  12. el bellaco

    13. May, 2011

    i would like to lick that pussy until it drip tat sweet juice..hhmmmmm

  13. Mark

    15. May, 2011

    She is amazing !!!

  14. Clay

    16. May, 2011

    I would love to talk to her and make love too her and watch her take a big black cock in every hole!

  15. pete

    16. May, 2011

    you are one sexy lady .. would love toplay with you

  16. pete

    16. May, 2011

    you are one sexy lady .. would love toplay with you

  17. Jack

    18. May, 2011

    Nice! I would love to talk with her.

  18. jimmy

    04. Jun, 2011

    i would love to drench my face with her creampie,yummmmm

  19. slycat

    17. Jun, 2011

    wow i wood like to eat her

  20. johnny

    22. Jun, 2011

    damn sexy…would love to fuck all weekend

  21. reggie

    23. Jun, 2011

    let me know

  22. Roger

    24. Jun, 2011

    You could have any man you want.

  23. Nkhot

    19. Jul, 2011

    She is so hot i wana kiss her lip until sav 2 my dik

  24. ged

    23. Jul, 2011

    one sexy woman lufe to meet

  25. william

    23. Jul, 2011

    This blonde is the most beautiful woman around.How can I hook up with her and what club I want her real bad she is my dream lady. Her eyes just melt you.I am in Myrtle Beach where is she located?
    Pleas contact me a ssoon as possible so we may get together.

  26. Ann & Dan

    04. Aug, 2011


  27. ChrisX

    09. Aug, 2011

    You all need to get the hell out more often!! She’s Brande Roderick, the playboy model!! Don’t be so easily duped! WTF?!?

  28. Boone.

    14. Aug, 2011

    I ‘d like to ” 69 ” her , then fuck her VERY HARD !!!!

  29. danny

    24. Aug, 2011

    you idiots, its Brande Roderick, former Playboy playmate and ex girlfriend of Hef

  30. shawn

    15. Sep, 2011

    you “responders” sound like dudes who need a pocket pussy…. she is pretty yes, but she is oh so very approachable. “hey how s it going, my name is shawn…. ‘

    and to the “”most beautiful woman around “” … keep it up

  31. shawn

    15. Sep, 2011

    oh and by the way… I want your wife. You have to watch or at least co-sign the deal…

  32. Marco

    15. Sep, 2011

    Very sexy, nice smile, beautiful hot hard body. Would love to meet precious. My kind of woman, gorgeous and intimidating but a whore in bed.
    Nice combo!
    I also like your little tat.

  33. Larry Grady

    16. Sep, 2011

    When I click on a video on the internet and it displays it here, some airhead girl continuously talks in the background and there are beep every few seconds like a phone call being recorded and then they stop for a while. Is there any way to turn this annoying stuff off. I would never join this website because of this problem

  34. cleo

    22. Sep, 2011

    You wana fuck with me in bali…call me 081381329959 I lick your pussy every days

  35. Dweezle

    27. Sep, 2011

    I cannot believe the number of moronic comments here.
    the one saying: “you would leave your husband if i fuck your wife” was especially fucking stupid. I laughed my ass off reading them.

  36. Nick

    02. Oct, 2011

    Very shaggable – bit of sellulite on her thighs though

  37. Tom

    29. Oct, 2011

    Hello Gorgeous, the stuff they say about you is wrong to me, I would take good loving care of you, you are perfect, Pretty and everything in the high profile, see if you can write me, LOVE Tom

  38. big man

    02. Nov, 2011

    give me address, I will teach her how to cum tonight

  39. Nick

    15. Nov, 2011

    love the nasty bitch, I can have my way with her for a couple of hours

  40. larry

    19. Nov, 2011

    that’s brande rhoderick former playmate of da year n baywatch chick

  41. Don

    27. Nov, 2011

    I would in a heartbeat!!! You are hot!!!

  42. john

    07. Dec, 2011

    id love 2 lick that lovly pussy

  43. ronachai

    23. Dec, 2011

    I am from thailand want to fuck wife of other specify that woman europian please write me I want to see your piture

  44. john smith

    03. Jan, 2012

    i will like to fuck her pussyyyyyyy

  45. riskycouple

    06. Jan, 2012

    what club can we find her in? we both want to talk to her!!!

  46. dave

    18. Jan, 2012

    when and where??

  47. dwaine

    18. Jan, 2012

    yes if i hade the chance i would cum on her face an tits an her sexy ass thanks

  48. denis

    29. Jan, 2012

    u r so hot but u should have had at least one pic of u naked and sexy send me some at

  49. king

    24. Feb, 2012

    you can not take me out

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